Najwa Foundation 

Helping Kids and Women in Need

Najwa Adam, the founder of  Najwa Foundation, and her family are survivors of the Darfur Genocide. She lived in a refugee camp prior to living in the United States. Thus, she has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the full ramifications of the genocidal violence, and the harsh conditions of refugee camps.   Adam founded the Najwa Foundation to address the urgent and continuing needs of the women and children in Western Sudan, Chad, and refugee camps.

The organization’s emphasis remains in the geographical areas of western Sudan, Chad, and the refugee camps located throughout the region.Particularly relevant is the western area known as Darfur.

Najwa Foundation provides food items, water, medicine, shelter, clothing and shoes. The organization is also striving to offer basic education to the displaced women and children in the displacement and refugee camps.  We do this by building schools and obtaining donations for school supplies. Najwa Foundation also offers orientation and counseling classes to eliminate and minimize violence against women, children. We encourage little girls to seek an education. We offer hope and comfort to alleviate the suffering of women, children and their families so they can cope and overcome hunger, illiteracy, diseases and a life of despair and hopelessness created by violence and conflict.

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