Our vision & Mission

Najwa Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 Non-for-Profit organization that works to help women and children in conflict areas in Sudan and other regions by providing food items, water, medicine, shelter, clothing and shoes.

Our Targeted Population:   
Women, elderly  and Children in conflict areas in Western Sudan, Chad, and refugee camps.


  Najwa Foundation will acomplish:

Alleviating the suffering of the poor  by providing food, clothes and many supplies that are necessary for daily uses. The smallest things will create HUGE impacts.

Creating educational institutions for children because they are the future.  Young and grown women will get information and supplies to take care of themselves and raise a family.

Practicing new techniques to make daily activities and work for people easier. Eliminating hard activities for elderly individuals and young children will give them more.

Fixing shelters and water holes in rural communities and refugee camps. we will make sure that everyone gets water to drink and make life sustainable for the younger kids and elders.