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Najwa Foundation, Helping the Suffering People

    Najwa Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 Non-for-Profit organization that working to help women and kids in conflict areas with Sudan and other regions by providing food items, water, medicine, shelter, clothing & Shoes. The organization is also striving to offer basic education to the displaced women and children in the displacement and refugees camps by building schools and donations school supplies. Najwa Foundation also offer orientation and counseling classes to eliminate, minimize violence against women, children and encourage girl child education among many glorious objectives that help the suffering women and kids and their families to copes with hunger, illiteracy, diseases and life of despair and hopelessness created by violence and conflict. Najwa Foundation know very well that its works won't materialize without the help of people of goodwill all around the world. Please let keep make a difference together. Your help in any capacity is very welcome. Donate items in forms of food items, water supplies, medicine, tents for shelter, clothing, shoes, schools supplies and of course we don need funds to ship this items to the suffering women and kids in these displacement and refugees camps. Thank you in advance  

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Transforming Lives

Najwa Foundation



Clean Water

Having clean non toxic filled water helps people function healthy on a daily basis. which will help their overall health in the process. clean water is an important necessity.


These are what the shelters in the camps look like. many of the homes don't have a lot of supplies or space for huge items so space is limited.

Water Borehole Project

water Boreholes are excellent ways to access pure and natural underground water which is why we believe everyone should be able to access it.

Skills and Productivity

Learning new ways to make everyday tasks easier is an amazing way to increase the productivity of the day with new techniques rising everyday.

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Clothes, Shoes, Medicine, Food Items, Powdered Milk and funds to help for shipment

Najwa is 501 (c) 3 .